[2022] China Lockdown City with 9 million Population After New Covid-19

As of March 11, 2022, China has ordered a lockdown in a populated city over the new Covid-19 outbreak. Here is everything to know about it. 

On Friday, China imposed a lockdown for the city of Jilin with a population of 9 million. The government officials disclosed that they make a sudden decision after the cases of New Covid-19 spiked outrageously.

The officials have notified that the residents have to remain in their homes and also need to undergo three different rounds of mass testing.

China Lockdown City After New Covid-19 Cases

China has imposed lockdown in the city of Jilin after several hundred cases of new Covid-19 variants were found, as of 2022.

To be precise, a total of 397 cases were reported nationwide amongst which 98 were from Jilin province. In addition, another 93 cases were found in the neighboring cities that surrounded Jilin.

Currently, a partial lockdown is in effect in Jilin and nearby cities. But a complete lockdown has been recently announced by the authorities of China.

City Of 9 million Residents Under Lockdown

The Jilin Province currently has some 9 million residents inside. And the new lockdown announcement will be directly affecting the lives of these people. However, the officials suggest not to panic and stay at their homes.

The government of China has ordered the people from the lockdown area to be in their homes and co-operate with the officials. In addition, they will have to undergo three rounds of mass testing. Currently, the non-essential businesses have been officially closed, and also the transport links are temporarily suspended.

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