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Anil Keshary Shah is one name that comes to head when you think of an accomplished banker in Nepal. We doubt there is anyone who does not know or at least have heard of Shah. 

Anil Keshary has completed more than 30 years in the banking sector. And, he started from a very young age which makes him more than empowering and inspirational for youths and young people all around Nepal. In this article, we will be talking about the life and career of Anil Keshary Shah in depth.

Anil Keshary Shah Bio

Anil Keshary Shah was born on August 1, 1973 in Kathmandu, Nepal. He was born in a wealthy family to Bhinda Swari Shah and Narayan Keshary Shah. However, he has always chose the path of humility and simplicity ever since he was a young boy.

Speaking of education, Shah completed his primary schooling in Kathmandu, Nepal. However, he went to India to pursue his higher education, namely his Bachelors and Masters degree. In the same way, he is also a graduate from George Washington University from where he got a better idea and insight on the study of business research.

Anil Keshary Shah Career

Anil Keshary Shah started his career as an entry level employee in Standard Chartered Bank. Though many of his close family were critical of the position given that he only earned Rs. 3000 from there, he was still inclined towards learning more rather earning at a young age. Likewise, he has been in the banking sector for more than 30 years including prominent positions in Mega Bank and Nabil Bank.

He was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer at Nabil Bank and this is what made him known to people all around Nepal. Anil recently retired from his career as a banker to work along with the youths in something different.

Anil Keshary Net Worth

Shah has an estimated net worth of approximately Rs. 10 to 15 crores as of 2022. As for his monthly salary, he earned from Rs. 15 laks to Rs. 18 lakhs in a month when he was working as a CEO in Nabil Bank. Though his earnings are still a topic of msytery for us, we bet the former banker will share about it publicly when he feels it’s the right time to.

Anil Keshary Shah Legacy

Anil has really set an example for youths as well people of almost all age groups in Nepal. This is also a reason why everyone in Nepal consider him one of the most phenomenal influencers in the country. His contribution to the Nepalese people in the present time is that, he is working for the betterment of the youths in the country and has the determination to create a secure future for Nepal. You can find more about him from his Instagram.

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