Anthony Templet Wikipedia, Why Did He Kill His Dad? (2022)

The Wikipedia site hasn’t archived a proper biography page for Anthony Templet and the crime he committed. A Netflix series I Just Killed My Dad is based on true crime events that happened in 2019. Read Everything.

Anthony Templet shot and killed his father in 2019 at the age of 17. And after proper Investigations, the true reason for his ill-doing was unveiled shocking everyone.

He shares his journey of mental health and trauma in the documentary series which releases on August 9, 2022, on Netflix.

I Just Killed My Dad: Anthony Templet Wikipedia

As mentioned previously, the Wikipedia site lacks a dedicated biography and whereabouts for Anthony Templet.

He shot his father, Burt Templet, twice (thrice as he recalls) after an argument that rose at 3 am. in between them. His father died after several days after the incident.

Anthony was first charged with second-degree murder after killing his father. However, it was later changed to manslaughter reducing his charges significantly.

In 2021, he pled no contest to negligent homicide. He was then given 5 years of probation under supervision. In this time period, he is required to obtain a high school degree, as per part of their plea deal.

Furthermore, their deal agreed that he had to go to counseling. And also gave him the option to either enroll in school or get a full-time job.

If he completes the bargained deal, then his criminal records will be cleared.

Why Did Anthony Templet Kill His Dad?

After hearing the shocking news of a young teenager, Anthony Templet killing his dad, people wonder about the real reason behind his action. Did he go insane and lost his mind? Or was it all valid?

According to Prosector and Anthony’s family, his father was an abusive man who would isolate him 24 hours a day. There were also CCTV cameras installed in every part of the house to monitor his daily work.

Similarly, his father, Burt had not given him any proper education. When asked, Anthony replied that he didn’t even know which grade he is in.

At 3-4 am, when he was sleeping, his father woke him up in an argument. As per statements, Burt started beating him after he thought his son contacted his ex-wife, Susan Templet.

And after the argument got into brutality, Anthony ran to his father’s room and searched for his gun. He then pulled the trigger firing multiple shots at his father.

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