Ashish Mahar The Voice of Nepal, Bio and Social Media

Ashish Mahar is one of the best contestants who have managed to impress everyone with his voice in The Voice of Nepal 2022. You will definitely love his performances in the show. 

There isn’t a single person who has watched the show and not shown appreciation for Mahar. Mahar is brilliant at what he does. Moreover, he is also one who will steal your heart with his soothing voice without you even realizing it.

In this article, you can learn more about your favorite Ashish.

Ashish Mahar The Voice of Nepal

Ashish Mahar won the hearts of the judges with his audition. He sang “Himal Hiu Padi Gayo”. Needless to say, he managed to grab the attention of everyone present. Moreover, Ashish also has a voice not many people do in this generation. He stands out from the other contestants mostly because of his authentic and unique voice.

The ever-smiling and cheerful Mahar managed to win over the team leader’s as well as fans’ trust in him as a good performer from the very first day he entered the stage of The Voice. Besides this, the singer has already managed to get in the Top 12 contestants list in the show. And we must say, he is amazing at what he does in the show.

Fans are eagerly rooting for his win.

Ashish Mahar Bio

Ashish Mahar comes from a humble background. He lives in Kathmandu currently. Though not much is known about his family and his private life, it has been disclosed by the singer himself that he was always fond of music.

Besides this, Mahar has not been involved in a romantic relationship with anyone for the time being. He plans to work on his career as a singer till the end. And, it is quite obvious for the fans and his followers are supportive of his decision.

In the same way, Ashish Mahar has been getting a lot of love and support from the team leaders as well.

Considering how devoted he is towards his passion, it is safe to assume that his parents are quite supportive of his career option as well.

Ashish Mahar Social Media

Ashish does not use social media as religiously but there is still a lot you can find in his profile about him. You should take a look at Mahar’s Instagram to get a glimpse of his life.

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