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Ashok Sherchan is one of the most renowned bankers in Nepal. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Prabhu Bank and has been working actively in the field for many years now. 

Ashok is a very hard-working man and has had his fair share of struggles throughout his life. However, he does not stand back from any difficulties and hardships. This is also a reason why he has succeeded in ways not a lot of people can. In this article, you can find more about this amazing personality and his life in detail.

Ashok Sherchan Bio

Ashok Sherchan comes from a very humble background. Ashok did not have an easy life growing up.

Sherchan came to Kathmandu from his hometown Baglung when he only passed his SLC exams. He used to live in a rented room while trying to pursue his dreams. The man did not settle for less even when he was just a young boy because he had to work and study at the same time to meet even the smallest of his needs.

Moreover, he successfully completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Shankar Dev Campus. And, he later went on to pursue his Master’s Degree as well. Regardless of his struggles and hardships, Ashok was one to always make sure that he never gave up on his dreams no matter what it took or how much hard work it was taking him in reaching his goals.

Ashok Sherchan Career

Ashok was very young when he started working in the banking sector. While he was pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree, he started to work as a junior assistant at Nepal Bangladesh Bank in 1995. Later in the year 2000, he worked as a junior officer at Nepal-Bank of Ceylon.

Sherchan has been working as the Chief Executive Officer at Prabhu Bank since the year 2014. He thinks that the banking sector has made quite proper changes and brought about impressive innovations in Nepal. Along with this, the banker says that the lives of people in Nepal have surely improved after the enhancement of the banking sector in Nepal.

Ashok went to London to pursue a degree in Chartered Accountancy from London. He planned to establish a venture of his own there. Sadly, he was not able to get the necessary legal documents to do so. This made his return from London back to Nepal after 15 months of being in London.

By 2014, Sherchan had already acquired many reputable banks like Kist Bank Ltd, Gaurishanker Development Bank, and Zenith Finance turning it fruitful into an A-Class Bank Prabhu Bank Limited. Ashok Sherchan has 10 years of experience in working in the sector of Commercial Banking in Nepal.

Ashok Sherchan Legacy

Ashok Sherchan has set a legacy for himself not just in the world of banking but also among young people in Nepal. You will appreciate how Sherchas has a view for every young graduate trying to make it big in the banking field of Nepal. He says that things are never as they seem when you are a banker. Whatsoever, you have to rely on the best of your capabilities and determination in order to succeed.

Moreover, you also need to have a vision instead of only willing to chase your dreams through fame. Sherchan stated that there is a lot more potential in the youth if they stop focusing on only money and fame while trying to be a successful banker.

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