Barsha Itani Journey in The Voice of Nepal, Bio and Social Media

Barsha Itani is one of the most popular contestants from this season of The Voice of Nepal Season 4. The song that she performed to her audience to grab attention of people was Bhumo.

The audition made a great impact on the judges. It was Judge Prabisha who could not even hold in her emotions after the song ended. The judge literally ran to the contestant because she was just so good and phenomenal.

If you were one of those people who Barsha managed to mesmerize in her journey in the show, this article is for you.

Barsha Itani Journey in The Voice of Nepal

Barsha Itani surprised everyone and gave everyone who watched her performance thrills for a lifetime. Her performance is one that will be remembered by all even after her journey has ended in the show.

It is quite saddening for the audience to lose a contestant with a spirit of a rockstar. Barsha has one of the strongest and deepest voices that will mesmerize you in every way possible. It is almost an understatement to say that Itani has captivated not only the audience but also all the judges from the day she joined the show.

Barsha was on Prabisha’s team. One could actually understand why Prabisha was the one to ask Barsha in her team. The leader was just as supportive of the singer’s journey in the show. Likewise, it was saddening and quite emotional for the contestant to leave the show so soon.

In fact, Itani was so emotional when she was announced out of the show that she could not even speak a word when the announcement was made. But it was not just Barsha who was emotional from the announcement. Her fans and followers including her family and the judges in the show were just as exhausted by the heartbreaking information.

Barsh Itani, however, happens to be a very soulful singer who does not lose hope. Hence, her happy and confident spirit will always remain one of the most heartwarming ones when one will remember The Voice of Nepal Season 4.

Barsha Itani Bio

Barsha has always been a cheerful girl with a hope of becoming a singer from the time she was a little girl. Besides this, she also has a very supportive mom who was just as devastated as she was when she was eliminated from the show.

Itani’s happy personality made it really easy for her to get along with everyone in the show. And, it was hard for not just her but the remaining contestants to let go of the talented singer.

Though not much is known about Barsha’s upbringing and life before the show, we can guarantee that the singer will definitely make a kickstart in her career in the upcoming years. You never know, you can find her in another season of the show too.

Barsha Itani Social Media

Itani is very active on her social media, especially Instagram. The singer posts a lot of small glimpses from her life with her fans and followers. You can find her on both Instagram and Facebook.

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