BBC Presenter Deborah James Wikipedia | Bowel Cancer Symptoms

Deborah James who works as a BBC News presenter has no dedicated Wikipedia bio. She has recently revealed he suffers from Bowel Cancer. Here is everything you need to know. 

Deborah James is a popular author, news host, and podcaster who has revealed that she is fighting bowel cancer. She even posted an emotional post saying goodbye to all of her fans and friends.

BBC Presenter Deborah James Wikipedia

Deborah James is missing a proper English Wikipedia bio. But, she could be acquiring her full bio soon.

She was born on October 1st, 1981 in England. In addition, she is currently 40 years old. Currently, she resides in Vancouver, Canada.

Deborah has published several books in her career. Some of her best-selling books now are F*** You Cancer, Money from Nothing, and How to Live When You Could Be Dead.

Moving on, she is also an ambassador of the podcast, You, Me, and the Big C.

Deborah is married to her husband Sebastian Bowen. Her husband has been always there for her. And now when she needs him the most, he hasn’t let her down.

Deborah James Bowel Cancer Symptoms Revealed

The respected author and host Deborah James has revealed that she has four-stage Bowel cancer. The heartbreaking news has been all over the internet.

Currently, people have been curious to know the common symptoms of bowel cancer. Here we have listed some of them.

  1. A constant change in bowel routine. Usually, patients notice looser stools and frequent bowel movements.
  2. Sometimes tummy pain with blood in stools. And no piles recorded before.
  3. Frequent bloating after having any kind of meal.

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