Beauty Brand Lovers are Hyping Up the new Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter, Here is Why!

Charlotte Tilbury is the world’s most famous beauty brand. If you love makeup, you must also love all the amazing products from her line. 

Charlotte has made a big brand out of her own name. The formula and the ingredients that she uses in her makeup have to be the best highlight of her products. You will definitely be amazed by how good she is as a makeup artist itself. What’s new about Charlotte Tilbury’s brand though? Well, if you are looking for a good highlighter to apply on your cheeks and nose, there surely is good news for you. And this is what is new!

Charlotte Tilbury’s Highlighter

Charlotte Tilbury is very exclusive with her brand when it comes to the skin complexion of her customers. The brand’s Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Glow Glide Architect Highlighter is their freshest launch. Needless to say, it comes in a wide range of 7 different shades which perfectly suits almost all skin tones.

Moreover, you need not worry about the dry application of the makeup product. Tell you what, the highlighter comes with a hydrating formula. And, this works best for just about any skin type. Though it comes in a compact package and may not resemble a liquid highlighter, it glides quite smoothly and perfectly on your skin.

Charlotte quotes, “For years, I have wanted to bottle the iconic, old Hollywood camera tricks that smoothed, blurred, and lifted the look of skin. That’s why I’ve created a wardrobe of beautiful lights to mimic how cameras and filters read the face and redirect light and attention to your best features“. Additionally she said, “Now I have innovated a perfecting, pressed powder highlighter with light flex technology for a multi-dimensional glow! Infused with smoothing emollients for a soft-focus satin finish and glow glide texture! It illuminates and blurs the skin like Hollywood lights!”.

It’s about time you say Lights, Camera, and Action!

Hollywood Glow Glide Architect Highlighter in Nepal

To every beauty fan, the curiosity must be over soon when the highlighter will be available to all through many beauty brand dealers in Nepal. The Charlotte Tilbury highlighter can still be imported from abroad which is likely going to cost you £38 minus the shipping charges.

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