Bhuvan Bam AKA BB Ki Vines is Here With “Taaza Khabar”!

Bhuvan Bam has made a name for himself as BB Ki Vines, especially, among his viewers in the South Asian community. But, do you know that is working actively on his next project Taaza Khabar now?

BB Ki Vines is one of the best YouTubers that you may have been watching for the past few years. He can master just about any role from the role of a middle-class father, mother, son, uncle, daughter-in-law, and every other role you can probably think of. Bhuvan has always been versatile in everything that he does.

Bam impressed his audience with Dhindhora which was released on Youtube. The official release of the show on the platform made every viewer that he already had easily access the web series. Needless to say, they loved how good he was in the show overall. He took his skits to a completely different spectrum through Dhindhora.

But, his genre has to limit to comedy most of the time.  And, you just could not have pictured the man in a different genre of show or even a single video. Whatsoever, he does not disappoint with his latest project Taaza Khabar, and we are all about that in this article.

Disney Plus Hotstar’s Taaza Khabar

Taaza Khabar is brought to you by Disney Plus Hotstar. The show guarantees you get the best of experience along with relating to the plot if you also belong to a middle-class family.

In the show, he plays the role of a lower-middle-class man who wants to achieve big dreams but suffers in the initial half of the show. The other cast in the show has perfectly mastered their roles as well. You can truly sense and feel the dilemma of a middle-class man who wants to get his lover out of the brothel and part his mother from the hardships of working as a maid for a cunning master.

Moreover, you are just as likely to love the cinematography and the vibrant colors that you will be seeing throughout the show. The cinematography works perfectly for the theme of the show and nothing really disappoints! Many viewers, however, have talked about how repetitive the show gets eventually, it is an undeniable fact that the show does not disappoint its viewers in any way possible.

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