Bidhya chapagain Biography, Show, and Awards

Bidhya Chapagain is one of the most prominent journalists in Nepal. In this article, we will be discussing the life and career of Bidhya in an in-depth manner. 

She is just as influential as she is hardworking in her career. There are many people from all around Nepal who look at her as an influencer or even a role model. Chapagain has played a very important role in the journalism sector in our country.

Bidhya Chapagain Bio

Bidhya Chapagain was born on August 23, 1982, which makes her 40 years old as of the year 2022. She has always been very versatile since her childhood in everything that she put her heart into. And, we must admit that not many things have changed for her even with the passage of time.

Her birthplace is Gothatar, Kathmandu. Besides being active in her career as a journalist, she is also a TV presenter. Chapagain was born to a farming family. Since her parents were farmers, she had also been very keen on farming ever since she was a young girl. Besides this, her parents were always supportive of what Bidhya wanted to be in her life. Bidhya’s brother used to write articles growing up. He was one of the first people who drove her into the field of journalism.

Given the fact that Chapagain’s mother was not as educated and got married at a very young age, she wanted to see her daughter excel in her career and get a higher degree in education. The journalist was very fond of reading newspapers and listening to the radio from the time she was just a young girl.

Eventually, she got her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from ‘Ratna Rajya Campus’ and became a journalist.

Bidhya Chapagain Shows

Bidhya used to work for BBC Nepal when she joined her journey of being active as a journalist. The BBC show “Sajha Sawal” came to people’s notice mostly because of the excellent skills in journalism presented by Chapagain. She worked in the show for quite some time and got a lot of love and appreciation from people all over Nepal, and even from those living abroad.

As of the present time, Chapagain has already resigned from her position as a host in Sajha Sawal. Moreover, she is the founder of Herne Katha. Her initiative in bringing forth such a revolutionary project among the people in Nepal has been highly admired by all.

In her show Herne Katha, she brings forth the issues, stories, and experiences shared by people in the real context of the world. The show is presented very organically to the audience. And, you get to come close to all the struggles that people in the real world are facing. Although she left her job as a journalist, she has admitted to being the most satisfied in her career life as a TV presenter for Herne Katha.

Bidhya Chapagain Awards

The TV presenter has won some amazing awards which include the “Best Documentary Award” in 2019 and “the Best Non-fiction at Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival(2018)”.

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