Candy Montgomery Wikipedia: Where Is She Now As Of 2022?

Candy Montgomery Wikipedia: The American Streaming platform Hulu is releasing a mini Crime Drama Series based on the real-life events of Candy Montgomery. 

Moving on, The public has gained an interest to know everything about Candy’s life. And where is she as of 2022? Let us explore here.

Candy Montgomery Wikipedia

As per the English Wikipedia, Candy Montgomery was arrested in 1980 after she killed her best friend, Betty Gore. The officials stated that she killed her with 41 axe blows to the body.

Candy was charged with murder after killing Betty on June 13, 1980. However, she was not found guilty of her crime and the support from her church helped her get the bail.

During her murder trial, she disclosed that she was having an affair with betty’s husband at that time. After she confronted her friend she attacked her with axe. And as self-defense, she had to use the weapon against Betty.

Recently, Hulu, an American subscription streaming service announced a mini TV series, Candy which will be released on May 9, 2022. Moreover, the show will have a total of 5 episodes in the 1st season.

Where Is Candy Montgomery As Of 2022?

The current whereabouts of Candy Montgomery are a total mystery. As per sources, she and her family moved to Georgia some time ago.

Candy was previously married to her now ex-husband Pat Montgomery.

She was accused of murdering Betty but she never served for her crimes. Moreover, she wasn’t found guilty at the Trial.

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