Catherine Mehaffey Shelton Wikipedia- Is She Alive As of Today?

The Wikipedia profile of Catherine Mehaffey Shelton is currently unavailable. She is a criminal defense attorney who was accused in 1999 of firing at Marissa Hierro. 

Over the years, several controversial incidents have been brought to the limelight involving Catherine. More than one of her ex-partners was either seriously injured or found dead.

Here we will be discussing some of her crimes in the past and where she is as of 2022.

Catherine Mehaffey Shelton Wikipedia Revealed

Though Catherine Mehaffey Shelton doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia, we can find several in detail reports of her crimes and felony reports on the Internet.

Catherine is one of the most popular defense attorneys from Texas, United States. She has been accused of multiple murders and serious offenses.

She was charged with the assault on her first husband, Matt Quinlan in 1969. He was a renowned Navy Officer. It appears she shot him with a gun. However, she openly stated that it was an unintentional accident.

The two were officially divorced a year later since the incident.

Similarly, she has committed some other serious crimes over the years. As per reports, one of her previous partners was found dead, another lover was shot from behind, and one of her contractors was dead in one of her homes.

In 1980 she was charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault. Though, she was sentenced to ten years in prison she only served five years.

Where Is Catherine Mehaffey Shelton Today? (2022)

The current whereabouts of Catherine Mehaffey Shelton have been a total mystery for all. In reports, Catherine currently lives in Houston, United States. She currently lives a low-key life.

After she served 5 years from the 1980 trial, she was released from prison. Later in 1999, her husband Clint Shelton was charged with the murder of Thomas Bell. As per sources, one of Catherine’s employees heard her assisting the firing. But she was never charged with the murder.

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