Chris Rock GI Jane Joke Meaning Explained- Complaint Against Will Smith

Here we have Explained the actual meaning of GI Jane Joke told by Chris Rock on the Oscor’s 2022. Read the complete article to know everything about the incident that occurred. 

Reportedly, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock during the Oscar over a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith. Though at first it seemed staged, it appears to be a real fight. Moreover, the internet is filled with news and videos of the incident.

Chris Rock GI Jane Joke Meaning Explained

What is the actual meaning behind Chris Rock GI Jane Joke?

As per the official reports from The Academy Awards, Chris made a joke of Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald look. He compared Jada being as ‘G.I. Jane’, which is a movie featuring a female lead actress with a bald head.

After Rock made the joke, Will immediately went off to the stage and slapped Rock. The whole audience was laughing at first, but in a couple of seconds, the situation started getting tenser.

Furthermore, Will was shouting ” Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth”.

Jada Smith has recently opened up about her struggles with hair loss. And, Will stood up for his wife in front of the whole world.

Did Chris Rock File Police Complaint Against Will Smith?

No, Chris Rock didn’t file any police complaint against Will Smith despite the onscreen physical assault. LAPD has officially stated the response of Rock.

According to LAPD, Chris has declined to press charges against Smith. Currently, everyone is talking about the situation. Many are in support of Will’s action but some have different thoughts about it.

What have your thoughts on Will’s harsh reaction? 

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