Explaining Cristiano Ronaldo Factos Meaning

The world-class football player Lionel Messi was recently awarded his seventh Ballon d’Or and Cristiano Ronaldo is not happy with it,

Lionel Messi was given the most prestigious football award at the 65th annual ceremony, but his rival Ronaldo is not satisfied and thinks that he deserved it more.

When a fan on Instagram ranted about how Cristiano got robbed of the Ballon d’Or, the footballer himself agreed on it with a comment ” Factos“.

Ronaldo Fan Claimed He Deserved Ballon d’Or

A Cristiano Ronaldo fan account registered under @cr7.o_lendario took to Instagram to post their thought on Messi winning his 7th Ballon d’Or.

The account has captioned “Regardless of his [Cristiano Ronaldo] age, he is the guy who continues to perform miracles and also impresses the world often”.


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In addition, He says “He [Ronaldo] was way better, and the prize goes to who? For Messi. He continues by saying ” Messi only won Copa do Ei, hasn’t scored a goal against Real Madrid since Ronaldo left. The account also pointed out that Messi has missed scoring in several big games of the season.

Here the fan account has repeatedly tried stating that Ronaldo should have been awarded the most prestigious award instead of Messi. Furthermore, there were many comments seen on the post in support of Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo Comments ‘FACTOS’

Cristiano Ronaldo participated in the rant with a comment Factos. The comment from Cristiano shows that he is not satisfied with the outcome. Currently, the news of him commenting, Factos has made headlines worldwide. 

Ronaldo commented with the word “Factos” which means facts in Spanish and Portuguese language. He had also included a thumbs-up emoji on the comment, which currently has gone viral. 

Is Winning Ballon D’Or Ronaldo’s Only Ambition?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent comment Factos has gained global attention on what his real ambitions could be. Though his recent reaction hints that winning Ballon d’Or is his only ambition, he has revealed otherwise. 

A reporter named Pascal Ferre disclosed that currently, Ronaldo has only one ambition and which is to win more Ballon d’Or before his retirement. However, the news appears to be fake as Ronaldo, himself denied it.


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Ronaldo came forward and said the reporter lied in the public, and his name got used only for publications. There have been no recent updates from Pascal yet. 

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