Dayahang Rai wife, Career, Net worth, and Movies

Dayahang Rai is one of the most accomplished actors in the Nepali film industry. You may know him from his role in Kabaddi. Likewise, he has done many amazing movies. 

If you are a Nepali movie lover, chances are you are automatically a Dayahang Rai fan. In this article, we will be discussing Dayahang’s wife, career, net worth, and movies.

Dayahang Rai Wife

Dayahang Rai is married to Benuka Rai. Rai and his wife have a son together. Their son goes by the name Samduhang Rai. The couple was also blessed with a child in 2022.

Dayahang and Benuka have been together for a while now. The actor’s wife has always been supportive of her husband’s career. This is also a reason why they are one of the most desirable couples when it comes to respect and love for one another.

And, now that Rai has made a name for himself in Kollywood, Benuka keeps her support and affection for her husband constant. Had it not been for his wife’s support, the actor may not have had it easy in making it big in the industry.

Dayahang Rai Career

Dayahang did not have it easy in life. He had to struggle in his journey to becoming an accomplished actor in the Nepali film industry. The actor started off as a theatre actor.

He had to go through some hardships in the journey of becoming a star. But then again, Rai was never the one to give up on his dreams that easily. He made his debut in the Nepali film industry with Anagarik in 2006. Though the first few years of his career on the big screen took a while to give him the recognition that he deserves, Rai finally got the fame that he deserves with time.

Likewise, before entering the big screen, he was also cast in many famous shows of the early 2000s one of which is Dalan. Eventually, Dayahang got to share the screen with many big and A-list actors and actresses in Nepal. And with time, he became an A-list celebrity in Nepal himself.

Today, the actor has set an example for everyone who wants to earn a name and identity for themselves regardless of all the superficial criteria needed to be an actor.

Dayahang Rai’s Net Worth

Rai has an estimated net worth of Rs. 7 to 15 lakhs as of 2022.

Dayahang Rai Movies

The actor has played promising and essential roles in many movies. Some of these are all of the Kabaddi franchise, Loot franchise, Appa, Lappan Chappan, Bir Bikram, Jatrai Jatra, Dasdhunga, Saili, Mr. Jholey, Ghampani, Classic, Chadkey, Purano Dunga, White Sun, How Funny, Senti Virus, etc.

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