DeOrr Kunz Wikipedia, Explaining the missing case of 2-year-old boy

There is no sign of a Wikipedia explaining the mysterious missing case of DeOrr Kunz Jr. So, we have prepared this article to help you better understand the controversial case.

DeOrr Kunz Jr. was 2 years old when he disappeared on 10 July 2015. This case hasn’t been solved yet as of 2022. Furthermore, though several suspects arose during the investigations, no arrests were made due to a lack of proper evidence.

DeOrr Kunz Wikipedia Explored

The unsolved missing case of DeOrr Kunz Jr. remains one of the most controversial disappearances of all time.

On 2015, July 10, DeOrr Jr. was with his parents, Vernal DeOrr Kunz Senior and Jessica Mitchell on a camping trip. They were at Timber Creek Campground and Robert Walton ( DeOrr’s grandfather)  and a friend of his father named Isaac Reinwand was also together with them.

Their campsite is located in north-central Idaho which is a popular camping place. After the arrival of the family, they decide to set up two camps, one for the couple with their son and another for Robert and Issac.

DeOrr’s parents then decide to go fishing leaving their two years old at the spot. According to Jessica’s hearing, she told her father to look over their 2-year-old. But, Robert claims that he didn’t hear anything.

At around 2:40 DeOrr Sr. notices that his 2-year-old son isn’t where they left him. They ask both Robert and Issac but they were busy with their own personal work. All four then start looking for DeOrr but no sign was found.

Is DeOrr Kunz Dead? His Whereabouts In 2022

DeOrr Kunz went missing suddenly while on a camping trip with his family. Despite an in-depth investigation, no signs of him were found. The police even declared him dead after no body of him was found for years.

But the case isn’t simple like any other normal missing case. After questioning, the police officials discovered that all four of them had differences in their statements. This arose more questions and all four were under the suspect’s list.

In 2016, the cops officially declared DeOrr Jr’s. parents as suspects after they refused to take a polygraph test. Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman said, ” The mom and dad are being less than truthful and every time there are some changes to a part of their story”.

Were There Any Arrests Made?

To this day, in 2022, no official arrests have been made as there are not enough shreds of evidence found. However, Lemhi County Sheriff states that mom and dad are at the top of the list of suspects. He also says that as Robert and Issac were on the scene they couldn’t rule them out.

The cops in an interview say that DeOrr Jr. is likely to be dead (murdered) and their parents could be somehow responsible for it.

As of 2022, the case is still open and running but no promising leads have been taken so far.

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