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People have been curious to discover a dedicated Wikipedia bio of Nigel Sydnor. Here is everything to know about the contestant of The One That Got Away.

Nigel Sydnor is a Businessman, former Athlete, and CEO of Zorro, an Investing Service. In addition, he is also a fitness enthusiast who has maintained an amazing ripped physique.

Nigel Sydnor Wikipedia Bio

The Wikipedia profile of Nigel Sydnor is currently under work. Nevertheless, you can find everything about him in this article.

He is a former College Basketball player who makes his TV debut on the show The One That Got Away. In addition, he will be there to find himself the love of his life.

Sydnor played Basketball for NJIT Highlanders as a Sophomore. He was much active during the 2013-2014 games.


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His father, Ray Sydnor is a former professional Athlete who was in the 1980 NFL draft. Similarly, he had also played basketball during his college years.

Nigel has made his official debut in the Television industry. In addition, he features with some other contestants in the reality dating TV show called The One That Got Away which airs on June 24.

Instagram Account of Nigel Sydnor

Nigel Sydnor has over 2k followers on his Instagram account which is available as @nigelsydnor. In addition, he has 45 posts where he has done some paid promotions as well.

Insights On Nigel Sydnor’s Net Worth

The exact net worth of Nigel Sydnor is currently investigated. He works full-time in the Real Estate Investment business thus we can conclude that he must be earning a considerable sum.

In addition, he is the CEO of a Real Estate Investing Platform, Zorro. It currently provides a free consultation as well.

Moving on, as he is entering the Television world, his earnings will undoubtedly increase with time.


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