Our Father: Dr. Donald Cline Wikipedia, Where is He Now in 2022?

Dr. Donald Cline Wikipedia: He is a fertility doctor who inseminated his patients with his own sperm. This way, he fathered about 94 children. Read below to find out more about him.

Donald Cline is featured in a Netflix documentary called Our Father which is going to air on May 11, 2022. Lucie Jourdan directed the documentary which shows occasional footage of Dr. Cline as well.

Also, the evil doctor’s action may have been influenced by his faith and perhaps involvement in a cult named Quiverfull which is a staunch conservative Christian cult. Likewise, the cult is racist in its agenda and encourages families to procreate as much as possible.

Our Father’s Dr. Donald Cline Wikipedia

Dr. Donald Cline was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, US. He did his under graduation from Indiana University and completed his MD at Indiana University’s medical school. Also, after that, he did his internship at the Methodist Hospital. He served in the US Air Force for almost two years.

Later, he started his own fertility clinic where he began committing fraud by inseminating his patients with his own sperm and making them pregnant. He managed to veil his unethical fraud agenda for a very long time.

Moreover, Jacoba Ballard, a child that was born through the courtesy of Dr. Cline’s clinic exposed his case when she bought a 23andMe testing kit at the age of 35, hoping to know more about her DNA. However, she found seven DNA matches which struck her as being very odd and prompted the investigation.

He was born in 1937. Furthermore, he is 84 years old at present.

Where Is Dr. Donald Cline As of 2022?

The court convicted Cline who pleaded guilty in December of 2017. His case created quite a stir in the media and shocked many people worldwide.

He was sentenced to a year of prison but later on suspended by the Marion Superior Court Judge Helen Marchal who later suspended him and Cline served no jail time.

Since then, he lives a private life with no known contact with the media. His current whereabouts remain a complete mystery.

Dr. Donald Cline’s Wife

Donald Cline’s wife is Susie Cline who also received treatment from her husband. The couple has two children named Donna and Doug. Donna also worked as a registered nurse (RN) at her father’s clinic.

Dr. Donald Cline Social Media

Donald Cline is not active on any social media accounts. He seems to have gone very private after his story came to light in front of the whole world.

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