Evelyn Sharma can’t wait to welcome her second child

Evelyn Sharma is one of the most popular actresses. She is very talented and people have loved her for her roles in different movies.

She has always been very open about her marriage with her husband to her child among her fans. This is also a reason why people have always loved and cherished her so much. Evelyn announced her daughter’s birth last year and fans could not be happier for her. In the same way, Sharma has given closure to her life to her fans which makes her all the more lovable.

Read till the end of this article to learn more about her.

Evelyn Sharma Pregnancy

Sharma gave birth to her baby girl Ava 14 months ago. And, she has announced another pregnancy. Needless to say, she is glowing more than ever. You will definitely love how good she looks with her baby bump. Also, Sharma makes sure to give her fans a glimpse of her bump. No wonder why even after quitting her acting career, people love and appreciate her so much.

She went from playing really cheesy and cute roles to becoming a responsible mommy. Also, her husband seems to be very happy about the pregnancy. The couple will surely share their latest baby pictures with the fans. And, there is nothing more blissful in a parent’s life than welcoming a newborn into this world.

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