Fans are excited about Rihanna in the New Super Bowl trailer

Rihanna is one of the most amazing pop stars of all time. She is a total diva, to say the least. And, she always makes sure to make her fans fall in love with her with everything that she does. 

Though the celeb has been quite private with her life and what she is doing for a few years now, she is now a baby mama and still looking better than ever. One of the most thrilling things this new year is that Rihanna looks absolutely stunning in her new avatar. The woman knows what she is doing!

Rihanna in New Super Bowl Trailer

Though it has not been revealed who is playing for the Super Bowl, it is almost obvious who will be performing, and it is none other than Rihanna. The pop star knows how to best slay her stilettos and her body suit in this trailer. There has been a big number of people who are looking to find the same outfit as she won in the Super Bowl Trailer. Likewise, the way she always has a beautiful expression on her face while appearing her best is what makes the New Super Bowl trailer all the better.

Plus, the yellow fur coat, really gives her a very classy and chic look overall.

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