Gina Rodriguez on Starting a New Show While Expecting Her First Child: ‘That’s What Life Is.’

Gina Rodriguez is already a seasoned working mom, despite the fact that her first child is still a few weeks away.

Gina Rodriguez’s Not Dead Yet

In addition to preparing for her first child with husband Joe LoCicero, the Jane the Virgin alum is preparing for the Feb. 8 premiere of her new series Not Dead Yet.

“That’s what life is,” the 38-year-old actress, who is both a star and an executive producer on the ABC comedy, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “Isn’t it everything, everywhere, all at once? I love that movie, but the title is so apt for life in general.”

“It is everything. It’s everything all at once. And all I’m trying to do is let go “She goes on. “At times, letting go is successful. At times, I’m gripping too tightly.”

Rather than being thrown off by life’s ups and downs, Gina Rodriguez attempts to enjoy them: “It makes you feel alive when you sit in it. That sensation appeals to me.”

In fact, her new show is all about embracing change — her character, Nell Serrano, has just broken up and is returning to her California roots. Though she feels betrayed and trapped when she returns to her former employer in a new role, she is unprepared for the unexpected ways in which the new position will transform her life.

Gina Rodriguez


Rodriguez describes the experience as “a phenomenal experience making this television show, but also pretty monumental in my life.”

Rodriguez believes the series as a whole “is about self-reflection, growth, friendship, and the power of self-healing”. And she describes it as “about the power of self-healing. She also teases that Not Dead Yet will undoubtedly elicit a range of emotions from viewers.

“It makes you laugh and cry. Everyone is having their own experience, but they are all attempting to assist one another “She goes on. “I just think right now that I want to watch this type of television that allows me to escape. While also allowing me to reflect in a way that will make me excited by the end. It will keep me optimistic. To be honest, I’ve been in that space for years.”

Being a part of a series like this has also given Rodriguez the opportunity to reflect on how she lives her own life, particularly when it comes to appreciating what’s right in front of her.

Not Dead Yet premieres Feb. 8 on ABC.