Greta Thunberg’s response to Andrew Tate: iconic or body shaming?

Greta Thunberg, an environmental activist, responded to Andrew Tate. He is a self-styled tip guru with a history of making misogynistic comments on social media.

Greta Thunberg responded to Andrew Tate on Twitter

Tate’s original Tuesday tweet addressed the 19-year-old and asked for her email address so he could send her a “complete list” of his 33 cars “and their respective enormous emissions.”On Wednesday morning, Thunberg responded. She said Tate could enlighten her by emailing the list to “[email protected]

On Wednesday, Thunberg’s remark quickly went viral, garnering over a million likes and 250,000 retweets in hours. Many people praised her for firing at Tate, who has become known online for his “alpha male” aesthetic and mockery of other influencers like Adin Ross.

While many praised Thunberg’s response, some argued the dig was problematic in nature.

According to various articles published in recent years, these narratives feed patriarchal notions of masculinity, and transphobia, and are anti-feminist.

Many Twitter users who appeared to support Thunberg, in general, criticized her choice of phrase. And the normalization of such comments as insults. Others contended that Thunberg was referring to Tate’s “energy” rather than his anatomy. His words should not be interpreted as body-shaming.

Tate to Thunberg’s quote, “How dare you!”

Hasan Piker, a Twitch streamer and political commentator, responded to Tate’s response, calling it “wild” that the influencer was fighting with “teenagers instead of adults” and still lost.

Thunberg has a history of responding to high-profile figures criticizing her on Twitter. After former President Donald Trump accused her of having an “anger management problem” in 2019, she changed her Twitter bio to mock his claim. She employed the same strategy in response to insults directed at her by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

Tate was previously barred from using Twitter before Elon Musk took over in October. He first went viral in the summer of 2022.

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