Harriet Hageman Wikipedia | Wyoming Republican Defeats Liz Cheney

Harriet Hageman Wikipedia: The Wyoming Republican, Hageman is set to win the poll conducted against Liz Cheney. Here is everything to know.

Harriet Hageman is a Conservative Republican, a deep-rooted Wyomingite who has given her candidacy for the upcoming election for U.S. Congress.

She is also a licensed attorney with over 30 years of experience. In addition, she currently can practice law in the US states of Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, and Michigan.

Harriet Hageman Wikipedia Explored

The promising Republican Candidate Harriet Hageman is missing a proper Wikipedia. She is a Trial Attorney, Senior Litigation Counsel, and New Civil Liberties Alliance.

She was born and raised at Fort Laramie, Wyoming, USA. Last year, she declared to give her candidacy for U.S. Congress in the upcoming election. And her experience in the field and her love for her people have shown hope to bring a change to Wyoming.

Hageman graduated from the University of Wyoming with a B.S. degree in Business Administration. And later in 1989, she received her law degree as well.

She first came in limelight in 1997, when she was hired by the State of Wyoming to handle Nebraska v. Wyoming case. The long disputes among the states were over the management of the North Platte River.

And ever since she has always been fighting for the citizens of Wyoming. Moreover, she has around 30 years of experience as a trial attorney.

Harriet Hageman Defeats Liz Cheney

A recent poll conducted shows that Harriet Hageman received 56% of GOP Votes whereas, Liz Cheney only received 28%.

This has made headlines all over the United States. In addition, there is seen high hopes for Hageman to win in the upcoming election.

As per reports, only 28% of Republicans from Wyoming are willing to reelect Cheney in the 2022 election.

Wyoming Republican Relationship Explored

Harriet Hageman is currently married to her husband John Hageman. As the couple has decided to keep their love life private. We cannot find much at the moment.

Similarly, she hasn’t disclosed if she has any children or not.

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