Has Comedian Jimmy Tarbuck Died? Update On His Health

Has the British Comedian Jimmy Tarbuck died? People have been concerned about his health condition since he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Learn more. 

Jimmy Tarbuck, also known as James Joseph Tarbuck is a comedian, actor, Entertainer, and singer who gained a massive fan following for hosting game shows in England.

He hasn’t battled cancer once but twice in his life. Currently, he is cancer-free but still has to take medications.

Has Comedian Jimmy Tarbuck Died?

The veteran comic actor Jimmy Tarbuck is alive. Currently, there are some fake rumors and hoaxes spreading regarding his death. At the age of 82, he has survived two cancer which is a miracle.

He first disclosed his prostate cancer in February 2020, just after his 80th birthday. Similarly, in January 2022, he was diagnosed with melanoma, a type of skin cancer.

He had to remove the cancerous mole from his back which prevented it from spreading further.

Currently, he is alive and recovering from a life-threatening illness. Though, he is already cancer-free, as per reports, he isn’t in his completely recovered health.

Updates On Jimmy Tarbuck Health

Jimmy Tarbuck is never late to give updates on his health condition. He shared that, he had to take injections and medications for his prostate cancer. Similarly, he had a mole removed from his body which indicated melanoma, a type of skin cancer.

Jimmy revealed to the Mirror magazine, that the doctors had to insert large needles into his stomach every day for a month during radiology. In addition, He remembers it to be one of the most painful things to do in his life.

Who Is His Wife Pauline Tarbuck?

Jimmy Tarbuck married the love of his life, Pauline Tarbuck, in 1959. The lovely couple has shared over 6 decades of moments together and they are still going strong.

They are parents to three children, Cheryl, Liza, and James. They welcomed their first child, Cheryl in the year 1960. Similarly, Liza was born in 1964, and their third child, James in 1968.

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