Henrietta Borstein Douglas Bio, Lifestyle, Family and More

Quick Facts of Henrietta Borstein Douglas

  • Full NameHenrietta Borstein Douglas
  • GenderFemale
  • Birth CountryUnited States of America
  • Star SignLibra
  • EthnicityJewish
  • Net Worth
  • Height-
  • Eye Color
  • Grandmother
  • Body Measurements
  • Relationship
  • Uncle
  • Pet
  • Married Date
  • Children
  • Father
  • Siblings
  • TV Shows
  • Birth NameHenrietta Brostein Douglas
  • Date of BirthOctober 1, 2012
  • NationalityAmerican
  • Profession
  • Sexual OrientationStraight
  • Spouse
  • Marital Status
  • Weight-
  • Salary
  • Hair Color
  • Education
  • Movies
  • Grand Father
  • Marriage Location
  • Ex-Girlfriend
  • Aunt
  • Tattoos
  • School
  • Mother
  • Award
  • Award Nomination

Henrietta Borstein Douglas is the youngest daughter of world-famous actors Jackson Fredick Douglas and Alexandra Borstein.

Because of her fame, the paparazzi have followed her around from the day she was born.

Henrietta Borstein Douglas’s Bio

Henrietta Douglas was born on October 1, 2012, as the smallest family member of the Borstein Douglas family. She is now 10 years old. She is a cute little girl whose star sign is the zodiac and just like her parents, is Jewish.

Her parents are Alex Bronstein who appeared in the famous television series Family Guy, and Jackson Douglas. She also has an elder brother whose name is Barnaby Borstein Douglas. They both have just 4 years gap.

Henrietta Borstein Douglas’s Net Worth and Income

As Henrietta is just 10 years old, she is just too small to have any income sources of her own. She is busy with her education and is enjoying her mother’s and father’s net worth.

Nevertheless, today her mother’s, Alex Borstein’s, net worth is $20 million and her father’s, Jackson Douglas’s, net worth is $2 million. They both have not till now revealed their salary and income sources.

Many believe they both earned it through TV series like Family Guy which was very popular in its time. Although they both are divorced, they both equally pay for Henrietta’s requirements and needs. Overall, she is enjoying her parent’s income.

Henrietta Borstein Douglas’s Lifestyle and Family

Henrietta Borstein Douglas comes from a very privileged family. None of her desires and needs are made incomplete. They’re all fulfilled. As her parents got divorced when she was just 5 years old, now it is reported that she stays with her mum in New York City lavish apartment.

The family of three frequently goes on vacation trips for refreshments. They are frequently spotted by the paparazzi. And Alex herself frequently posts many videos of the three having fun, playing games, roller skating, skiing, and even spending time with their grandparents.

henrietta Borstein Douglas with her brother

Henrietta Borstein Douglas with her brother

Henrietta has a loving relationship with her grandparents Judy Borstein and Irv Borstein. Both of her grandparents are mental health professionals. Many might not know but Alex’s grandmother, Henrietta’s great-grandmother, was a Holocaust survivor.

Henrietta Borstein Douglas’s Hobbies


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In a recent interview, Alex said Henrietta loves playing the violin. During covid, Alex kept her daughter busy with her online violin sessions. And now, she plays a very nice violin and wants to be an expert in it. Other than this she loves cycling and drawing as well. She also loves spending tie with her uncle Adam Borstein, and so does he.

Henrietta Borstein Douglas’s Parents and Their Divorce

Both of Henrietta’s parents are very famous in the entertainment industry of America. They are widely popular not only in America but all over the world.

Henrietta Borstein Douglas’s mother, Alex Borstein, is an American actress, comedian, producer, and writer.

Alex’s Career

henrietta Borstein Douglas mother Alex Brostein

Henrietta Borstein Douglas’s mother Alex Borstein

Alex first started her career entering the comedy business at Hollywood ACME Comedy Theatre.

She began work on the animated programs “Pinky and the Brain” and “The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper” with her creative partner and future husband Jackson Douglas.

But she left her position at an advertising agency shortly after to concentrate completely on writing. Alex supplied the voices for a multitude of various characters on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” between 1993 and 1994. In 1996, she supplied Queen Machina/voice Robocupid for “Power Rangers Zeo.” The next year, she made her debut as a featured player and writer on “MADtv,” a Fox sketch comedy series.

She is most popular for her voice of Lois in the FOX Family Guy series. She also played Drella in Season 1 and Celine in Seasons 3 and 5 of Gilmore Girls, which is a famous American comedy-drama series.

Jackson’s career

henrietta Borstein Douglas father Jackson Douglas

Henrietta Borstein Douglas’s father Jackson Douglas

Jackson Douglas is an American actor and producer widely known for Gilmore Girls, and The Guilt Trip. Jackson had appearances in well-liked television programs like “Duncan” and “Jack & Jane.”

Also, in the mid-1990s, he made his formal film debut. Likewise, Providence was where he made his debut on television. Additionally, Jackson is well known for his humorous cinema roles. He is well-known for his roles in comic television programs and movies.

He has performed voice works in addition to other comedic roles. On the animated television series “Family Guy,” in which his former Alex Borstein played Lois Griffin, one of the major characters, he provided the voices for a number of characters.

Jackson has also directed a number of episodes of the TV shows “Gilmore Girls” and “Bun Heads” in addition to the 2010 comedy “For Christ’s Sake.”

Alex and Jackson’s Divorce

Henrietta Borstein Douglas’s parents had a tragic relationship. When she was just 2 years old, her father Jackson filed for divorce for his wife, her mother, Alex Borstein. They wed back in 1999. After nearly 14 years of a successful marriage, their relationship was on the edge. They formally divorced in 2017 when Henrietta was just 5 and her brother was just 9 years old. 

According to court records, the ex-couple would divide their numerous bank accounts, totaling $5.2 million, evenly. Additionally, they would share ownership of their three bank accounts, leaving one for their children.

Two of their three villas in Pasadena went to Borstein as well. One was given to Douglas. But as part of the settlement, Douglas also obtained their Washington home.

A $1.2 million condominium in New York City remained jointly owned by them both. The “Getting On” actress also received the $25,000 custom-built bar, but the rest of their possessions, such as their paintings, jewelry, and furniture, were divided equally.

Now, it’s been more than 5 years of their divorce, and Alex and Jackson are both happy with their life currently. They have not reported dating anyone at the moment. If they will, then this article will be updated timely.

Henrietta Borstein Douglas’s social media

Henrietta Borstein Douglas is kept away from social media and the paparazzi because of her age. Her parents don’t want her exposed to the negativity it brings. But her mother constantly posts her pictures on her social media. You can follow her on Instagram, and Twitter.

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