Hoax Alex Jones, Infowars and Sandy Hook Defamation Trial

The Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones is facing a whopping $150 million lawsuit for spreading a hoax through his website InfoWars. He is currently on trial for his fake news targeting the Sandy Hook mass shooting that occurred in 2012. 

Alex Jones is an American conservative, radio show host, and conspiracy theorist infamous for his news sites whose only purposes are to spread fake news and hoaxes. In addition, Besides InfoWars, he also owns, other websites like NewsWars and PrisonPlanet.

In a recent courtroom debate, a father of a six-year-old killed in the tragic mass shooting opened up about how Alex has made his life living hell. Similarly, other parents have also come forward to help shut down Alex’s fake news portals.

Alex Jones and Infowars Hoax

Infowars and all of the fake news, misleading information with hoaxes go through the approval of Alex Jones. It all started back when he called out the Sandy Hook School mass shooting a hoax on his radio show.

He was confident that the shooting never happened for real and that it was all staged by the government. In addition, he also accused the grieving parents as paid actors.

According to him, the government staged the mass shooting so that they could “start a civil war” and “go after our guns.”

The news portal was first founded by Alex and his wife, Kelly in 1999. By 2016, it was a global reach platform where conspiracy-oriented videos and blogs had approx. 10 million monthly views.

Alex Jones in the Sandy Hook Defamation Trial

As per Statesman, Alex Jones is currently facing a $150 million lawsuit for spreading hoaxes on Sandy Hook Defamation. His news caught the attention of several Americans who somehow believe and support him.

Parent of late Jesse Lewis confronted that she has had several death threats and harassment encounters. Similarly, Lewis’ father shared that he once somehow fired several gunshots at his house and shouted Alex Jones and Infowars.

They are seeking $75 million for damaging their reputation and another $75 for emotional distress and trauma. In total, Alex faces a $150 million lawsuit.

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