How to get Wednesday Addams’ dark, gothic lip, as well as other stunning beauty looks from the Netflix remake?

The world of the weird is thriving in the wake of Netflix’s latest fantastical release, Wednesday. The loose adaptation of The Addams Family, from Tim Burton’s brilliant mind, brings forth a narrative that revolves around the daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams instead; a character who was first made screen-famous via Christina Ricci’s rendition in the 1991 film. Jenna Ortega plays Wednesday this time around with an equally morbid, yet fresh perspective, clearly winning the hearts of its audiences so far. Let’s talk about Netflix’s Wednesday make-up.

And now that all episodes have been released for our viewing pleasure, the bingeing has unquestionably begun. Beyond the rousing thrill of the mystery-fantasy plot, the episodic narrative has also piqued the interest of beauty enthusiasts, who have spotted the show’s buffet of hair, make-up, and manicure moments. Each beauty detail, from Enid’s eclectic rainbow-inspired hair and claws to Bianca’s wet, glossy pout. It is decadently crafted to meld seamlessly with the character they’re portraying, all creatively birthed by make-up artist Tara McDonald. Wednesday Addams’ dark, gothic lip and smokey shadow perfectly encapsulate her character. But they become even more nuanced when contrasted with Morticia’s more mature, regal pull as her mother.

It’s no surprise, then, that the show has evolved into its own smorgasbord of beauty looks to be inspired by—and to try to imitate. Without further ado, please enjoy the visual feast below, which is a compilation of Netflix’s Wednesday make-up, hair, and manicure moments to cop.

Enid’s rainbow-inspired everything

enid eyeshadow

Courtesy of Netflix

Enid’s cheerful demeanor is immediately apparent from her appearance, with her matte eyeshadow shades frequently matching the rainbow hues of her hair.

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Wednesday’s soft goth lip

Wednesday's soft goth lip

Courtesy of Netflix

Wednesday’s obsession with all things dark and macabre is reflected in her daily attire and make-up. Wearing a dark purple lip with soft smoke around her eyes, her look channels just the right amount of unformed goth. Especially when contrasted with her mother, Morticia’s, make-up.

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Bianca’s siren-like eyes during the Rave’N dance

Bianca's siren-like eyes during the Rave'N dance

Courtesy of Netflix

Bianca wears an aqua-inspired eyeshadow look with a graphic white liner for an ethereal finish, in keeping with her Siren character.

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Enid’s doll-like transformation

Enid's doll-like transformation

Courtesy of Netflix

Enid’s permed pink bob stands out in a sea of white in the Rave’N night crowd. Her sequin-embellished mien, focused on the area under her eyes, adds to the fairy-doll transformation.

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A glossy pout for Bianca’s everyday look

A glossy pout for Bianca's everyday look

Courtesy of Netflix

Bianca is frequently spotted with a moist, high-shine pout that accentuates her plump lips while keeping it nude and minimal on her regular school-going days.

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Morticia’s vampire lip

Morticia's vampire lip

Courtesy of Netflix

Morticia Addams is a fearless vision in every screen capture, expertly channeling the pale, white skin, long, black hair, and dark, goth lip.

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Claws out, Enid

Claws out, Enid

Courtesy of Netflix

Enid’s fierce choice of talons fits right in with her colorful aesthetic. Even when the werewolf in her emerges; she wears a kaleidoscope of hues on her nails. Each one is imbued with a different shade.