How To Buy Ukrainian War Bonds? Everything To Know About

How can we buy Ukrainian War Bonds and what actually are war bonds? Let us explore everything about the war bonds.  

Generally, a war bond is an initiative or an enterprise approved by the government which takes place to fund military operations. The government usually issues dept for the public which they can purchase.

The Government of Ukraine has revealed that they are planning to issue war bonds from Tuesday, March 1st, to generate the necessary expenses for their armed forces. In addition, Ukraine’s Minister of Finance also spoke to reassure the investors that this will not default on existing debts.

How To Buy Ukrainian War Bonds?

The Government of Ukraine has officially released a statement on its Twitter stating that they are selling ‘War Bonds’ from Tuesday. Furthermore, this allows investors from all around the world to buy military bonds which will be directly used in necessary funding.

The Finance Minister of Ukraine said: “In the time of military aggression of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Finance offers citizens, businesses and foreign investors to support the budget of Ukraine by investing in military government bonds.”

Moreover, It added saying that every one-year bond would value at 1,000 Ukrainian hryvnia which is approx $33.27 or £24.80. Similarly, The interest rate on the bonds will be revealed in the auction.

Ukraine Finance Minister Announcement On War Bonds

The official Twitter account of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine tweeted about selling war bonds on February 28, 2022.

All the collected funds from the auctions will be used to help the Military and Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, The nominal value of a single bond is revealed to be $33.27, £24.80.


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