Internet Historian Face Reveal- What Does he look like in real?

People have been curious to know whether Internet Historian has done a face reveal or not. Here we will be disclosing his real identity and personal information.

Internet Historian is a well-established YouTube personality who is famous for his unique content based on humor. In addition, he also focuses on making small documentaries related to events on the internet.

He has been currently trending after he uploaded a new video in collaboration with JonTron.

Internet Historian Face Reveal

The popular YouTuber Internet Historian hasn’t done any Face Reveal from his channel or social media accounts. He puts on a disguised cartoonist’s face as a profile picture on his Twitter and other social media.

Though we do not know what his real face looks like, we do know his real name is Jason Scott.

In 2020, a Twitter user by the name of Slush shared a photo captioned “Holy crap I found an Internet Historian’s face reveal”. And in the picture, there is a man whose identity is revealed to be Jason Scott AKA Internet Historian.

We cannot confirm whether this is his real face or not, but this did get people even more excited about his true identity.

Internet Historian Nationality

According to Fandom, the Internet Historian is a New Zealander who currently resides in Australia. Furthermore, his exact age is a complete mystery. But, he is assumed to be somewhere in his twenties.

He has over 3.57 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel. In addition, people have taken a keen interest in his personal life after the collaboration with YouTuber JonTron.

JonTron is an American comedian, Internet personality, and reviewer. But, he is currently infamous for his several racist comments. In addition, people have been slamming on Twitter as well.

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