Is Gavin McInnes Arrested? Reportedly FBI Raided Him On-Air

Currently, the news of Gavin McInnes Arrested by the FBI has flooded Twitter and other social media. Let us check the authenticity of the news. 

But, first, let us discuss who Gavin is.

Gavin McInnes is a Canadian Writer, Podcast host, Political Commentator, and Actor. In addition, he is the founder of the American far-right neo-fascist organization, Proud Boys.

Moreover, it is a controversial organization that is classified as a terrorist group in Canada.

Is Gavin McInnes Arrested?

Yes, Gavin McInnes is currently in Jail and questioned by the Officials. There hasn’t been any official notification released yet.

But, the official Twitter account of Josh Denny confirmed that Gavin is in Prison.

He writes “Just got off the phone with our people. Gavin was AGAINST going to Jan 6. He was AGAINST Charlottesville.”

And ” Gavin is rotting away in jail because he dared to question authority”, Josh continues saying.

Gavin was doing a Live show at Censored.TV when he gets interrupted by someone. He then stands up from his seat and asks if he could get a lawyer and talk it through.

We can hear in low voice him saying ” I didn’t let you in.” and proceeds to move towards them.

There is complete silence for the next 30+minutes in the Live stream and the camera is just pointed toward the empty chair.

People were suspecting it to be either an FBI raid, an Arrest, or some kind of Prank.

Gavin McInnes on Twitter

The recent news of Gavin McInnes’ arrest by the FBI has taken over Twitter by surprise. Thousands of viewers have shown their interest in the news.

It appears, that he himself isn’t active on Twitter.

What Is His Net Worth?

According to, Gavin has amassed a massive $10 million net worth as of 2022.

He has produced TV Series documentaries such as Next Week Tonight, How To Be A Man, Sophie Can Walk, The Gavin McInnes Show, and more.

Furthermore, he has also appeared as an actor in Soul Quest Overdrive, How to Be a Man, and Long Nights Short Mornings.

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