Is Kento Yamazaki Married To Suzu Hirose? Wife Revealed

The public is currently wondering whether Kento Yamazaki is married to someone or not. There are several rumors on the Internet that we will be addressing here. 

Kento Yamazaki is a well-known Japanese actor, model, and Internet sensation. He is best known for his appearances in Alice in Borderland, Good Doctor, Todome no Kiss, and Mare.

Similarly, his current partner, Suzu Hirose is also an actor with over 3 million followers on her official Instagram account. Her popular roles are Nemesis, Anyone, The Mysterious Thief Yamaneko, and The Girl’s Speech.

Is Kento Yamazaki Married To Suzu Hirose?

So far there hasn’t been any official source claiming that Kento Yamazaki is married to Suzu Hirose. A Twitter user named Pia2477 shared a post from a Japanese site where it said the couple will get married in March Next year.

However, if u were to check it now, the post is deleted from their Twitter account. Similarly, we searched other media outlets as well. But, couldn’t find any trustable source. Thus, we can assume that it is just rumored.

Moving on, neither Kento nor his girlfriend Suzu has shared any news of their marriage.

Some Twitter users are also claiming that they are engaged and their marriage is soon. But, since there are no facts involved in it, we advise you not to trust it.

Who Is Kento Yamazaki’s Wife in 2022?

The sensational actor Kento Yamazaki is not married to anyone as of now. He is however in an open relationship with his girlfriend Suzu Hirose. In addition, The couple is shy about their relationship in the public.

Currently, the Internet is filled with fake news about Kento stating he is marrying soon. Until the actors confirm it by themselves, it is but just a rumor.

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