Is Steve Lacy Gay? His Sexuality, Relationship and Partner 2022

One of the most wondered questions at the moment is, Is Steve Lacy Gay? Recently, he opened up about his sexuality and love life struggles he has faced so far. 

Steve Lacy is an American musician, singer, guitarist, and record producer who was born in California, United States. He is popular as a guitarist for the music band, The Internet.

He released his first ever EP, in 2017 which is titled Steve Lacy’s Demo. Similarly, his debut album, Apollo XXI made it into the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

Similarly, his second album, Gemini Rights was recently released on July 15, 2022.

Is Steve Lacy Gay? His Sexuality

Steve Lacy was confirmed to be a bisexual in 2017 but he often chooses to dodge questions regarding his sexuality. In an interview with Los Angeles Times, he opened up that his debut EP represents sexual liberation.

He knew that he was attracted to both men and women from a young age. But, decided to keep it a secret after he feared society’s unacceptance. In addition, he thought it to be a sin and against his religion.

Similarly, he told The Guardianthat he had a lot of homophobia growing up as a kid. He said, “I love to dance but I was like, I don’t want people to assume I’m gay, so I didn’t discover dancing”.

Steve Lacy Isn’t Attracted To Black Men

The acclaimed received intense backlash after he opened up about dating preferences. In 2017, he shared that he was attracted to both men and women. However, there were conditions applied to the category of men.

Lacy states that he isn’t attracted to black men, which has caused a buzz around on social media. he said, ” Growing up around black males, they were always my competitors and I never saw myself doing anything sexual with them.” In addition, he even denies that he isn’t anti-black.

Is Steve Dating Anyone In 2022?

Steve Lacy is confirmed in a relationship with his boyfriend. But, his partner’s identity isn’t confirmed so far.

According to Hitc, Steve posted a picture with his partner on March 3rd on Twitter. But the picture isn’t available at the moment.

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