Is Zach Tinker Gay? Partner, Wife, Sexuality, And Relationship

The actor Zach Tinker plays a gay husband in Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem. Let’s find out whether he is gay or not.

Zach also known by his full name, Zachary is a well-known actor residing in the United States.

He is mostly known for his amazing role in The Young and the Restless as Fenmore Baldwin.

Furthermore, he has been in some other shows like Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem and Law & Order: True Crime. 

Hollywood Fringe: Is Zach Tinker Gay?

No, the Hollywood charm, Zach Tinker is not gay and is straight by sexuality.

He has had dated several female personalities in the past as well. Previously, he was in a committed relationship with star Camille Ramsay.


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After the pair hit got separated, there were rumors of Zach dating Cait Fairbanks.

Moving on, he plays the role of a gay character in the TV show Days of Our Lives: Beyond Solem. He expressed in an interview that he was unknown of the sexuality of his character at first.

Does He Have Partner At Present?

Zach Tinker is believed to be currently single. Since he is an open person, he shares most of his personal life with the audience.


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Currently, he appears to be quite busy in his career as a full-time actor. He has not hinted whether he is interested in anyone at the moment.