Isabelle Junot Wikipedia, Edad (Age), Family, Boyfriend

No Wikipedia page is dedicated to Isabelle Junot. Read below to find out about her.

She is a trending actress popular for her movies Fuel, Stretch Marks, Tophy, and Body High. In addition, she is 30 years old of age (edad) as of now.

Isabelle Junot Wikipedia

Isabelle Junot is a French-Danish actress. She was born in New York to a Fench father and a Danish mother. Her father’s name is Philippe Junot and her mother’s name is Nina Larsen.  Philippe Junot is a venture capitalist and also a property developer. His business is based in Spain, Paris, and New York City. Philippe’s first wife was Princess Caroline of Monaco.


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Though Isabelle was born in New York, she grew up mainly in Spain. Moreover, Isabelle is fluent in various languages including  Danish, French, Spanish, and English. She moved around Europe while growing up. Likewise, Isabelle attended Institute Le Rosey. It is an international boarding school in Switzerland where she studied Theatre Arts. She also won an award for best actress as the main character in Ionesco’s Bald Soprano. Later on, she continued her studies in Drama and Film at the University of Virginia.

Isabelle is is a multifaceted personality. She is a versatile and talented actress. Moreover, being born to a very well-to-do family, she could pursue her passion not having to worry about her finances and earnings. She is very interested in performing arts and is very passionate about her work. Nevertheless, she is very meticulous about her work and also very conscientious as a person.

Isabelle Junot Edad (Age)

Isabelle Junot was born in 1992. She is 30 years old as of 2022. She definitely doesn’t look her edad(Spanish for age). As a hardworking actress, she definitely has a bright future. Her age-defying beauty might also open doors for her career.

Isabelle Junot Family

Isabelle Junot married her longtime partner Álvaro Falcó on the morning of 3rd April 2022. They married in the chapel of the Palacio de los Marqueses de Mirabel. It is located in Plasencia, Spain. Álvaro Falcó is the Marquis of Cubas. He is the son of Fernando Falcó and Marta Chávarri. Various VIPs and elites of Spain attended the wedding. The wedding was attended by around 250 guests.

Instagram Revealed

Isabelle is quite active on her Instagram account. She has made up to 540 posts till now and has amassed a huge fan following of 23.2k followers. Junot posts quite frequently on her Instagram account.

Isabelle has a Twitter handle dedicated to her as well. She hasn’t been active on Twitter for quite a while. Her last tweet was in 2015. Isabelle joined Twitter in July of 2012. She has gathered just 48 followers as of now which is quite small considering her fan following on Instagram.

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