Janet Chandler Murder Case Update (2022), Find Who Killed Her

The murder case of Janet Chandler is one of the most horrifying and thrilling cases to ever exist. Over 6 people were arrested and charged with her murder. Here is an update on the case. 

The case came to the limelight in 1979 after the media took an interest in it. As per reports, Hope College Professor Mr. Schock with some students also documented the real-life events. But it took nearly 30 years for Police forces to solve the case.

Details On Janet Chandler Murder Case In 2022

Janet was a 22-year-old student who was gang-r*ped and murdered by six people. All the convicted were sentenced to life imprisonment. And as per recent updates, two have died in prison. In addition, It took over 30 years to solve her murder case.

Janet was studying music at Hope College. And she used to do a night clerk job at the Blue Mill Inn. At that time her town was under some kind of turmoil. And some 80 security guards were living there were originally from Wackenhut.

She used to live with Laurie Swank who was her best friend and also her boss. As per reports, both Janet and Laurie were known for having several hookups with the guards.

After some time, Arthur Paiva, the lead guard became irritated with the rumors of his employees and Janet’s se*xual relationship. He alongside several workers (both male and female decided to exploit or even destroy her in any way possible.

Revealing Janet Chandler Murderer

Arthur Paiva is believed to be the one who killed Janet Chandler by strangulation. But, he wasn’t the only one who killed her.

One night, Arthur told Janet that they had a surprise party for her and he had to blindfold her eyes and duct tape her mouth. She believed him and naively agreed to come under his conditions.

He then took her to a near Chemetron plant guest house where tens of men and women were present. Then, a belt was tightly wrapped around her neck.

One by one, the men started beating her and rapi*g her. Around 10 men were involved in the torturing of Janet. The others were just standing there taunting and teasing her.

As per officials, the other men beside Arthur Paiva were James Cleophas Nelson, Laurie Swank, Anthony Williams, Robert Lynch, Freddie Parker, etc. James and Arthur died in prison in 2020 and 2013 respectively.

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