Jayland Walker Shooting Video Leaked- Akron Police Fired 90 Bullets

The shooting video of Jayland Walker, a 25-year-old black man, has left everyone in shock. The Akron Police Department confirmed that they fired at least 90 bullets at him during the chase.

The Akron Police chief also confirmed that Jayland was unarmed at the time he was chased and fatally shot. A week has passed since the incident and people are still marching downtown Akron in support as no Justice has been served yet.

Jayland Walker Shooting Video Footage

The official cam video of the Jayland Walker Shooting was first released at a news Press Conference on July 2. At present, the video has been uploaded on YouTube by the Akron Police Department.

The video contains some disturbing graphic content so Viewer Discretion is Advised.

In the video, we can hear a popping sound as if a gun is fired from Walker’s car but the shot isn’t much visible. Later, the police officials revealed pictures of a handgun found in Walker’s car.

Jayland’s girlfriend died in a car accident, as confirmed by sources.

After 7 minutes of the car chase, Walker exits the vehicle wearing some kind of Ski  Mask. The chase video shows a number of officers pursuing him. The police said that they first fired some tasers but were unsuccessful. And later they open fire on Walker.

Akron Police Fired 90 Bullets At Jayland Walker

The Akron Police Department confirmed that they fired at least 90 bullets on Jayland Walker during the foot chase. Though the exact number of bullets that struck him is unknown, sources claim, that at least 60 bullet wounds were found.

Jayland had only one traffic ticket and officers claim they were pulling him over for a traffic violation. In addition, Walker has no known criminal records as well.

Till now, no charges have been filed against the officers who opened fire on him. And thousands of protesters are seen in demand of Justice for Walker and his family.

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