Kalyan Gandharva Bio, Journey in The Voice of Nepal and Social Media

If you have tuned into The Voice of Nepal Season 4, you should definitely know about Kalyan Gandharva. Kalyan is an amazing singer. And, he is perfect at what he does and loves the most, singing. 

Chances are, as a fan of the show you also love Kalyan and his outstanding performances. There are so many contestants that auditioned with him, but Kalyan stands out from the crowd because he is that talented. You will definitely love his performance and skills as a performance when you see at least one of his performances.

If you are a Kalyan Gandharva fan or a follower and want to know more about him, you are at the right place.

Kalyan Gandharva Bio

Kalyan Gandharva was born on 2054/05/05 B.S. in Tanahun, Nepal to Khadga Bahadur Gandharva and Chandrika Gandharva. He is currently living in Kathmandu. He completed his schooling at Sun Shine School. Likewise, he finished his higher studies at Nobel College.

He grew up alongside his sister Karuna Gandharva and had a pretty decent childhood. Kalyan fell in love with music at a very young age. And, he started pursuing his career in music ever since. He is also a member of a band called The Soul Nepal. The youth loved and appreciated his music-making skills even before he came to The Voice of Nepal.

He is quite famous when it comes to having fans and followers on social media platforms. His talent has been known far and wide and the show has only helped him enrich his popularity and following among fans all around Nepal. He also has many people who admire him from outside the country.

Gandharva got a lot of love from his first musical debut from his band.

His Journey in The Voice of Nepal

Kalyan Gandharva has had a great career as a musician. And, he is carrying on this legacy from the show. His performance was loved by team leader Pramod. And, he got into the team immediately.

In the audition, you could see how happy his father was in seeing his son succeed. Hence, you can say that the man has had quite some support and a sense of positivity from his family and friends throughout the journey. People started to recognize him as the vocalist of The Soul Band. And, it was not as hard to gain support from fans and judges.

Besides this, he has had some amazing performances in the show which everyone loved and appreciated.

His performance in the song “Priti Basyo” is what remains one of his most amazing ones among all the others.

Kalyan Gandharva Social Media

You can find a lot more about Kalyan on his Instagram and Facebook. He is very active on both platforms. Plus, you will also get to see a lot about what he is planning to do, what projects he is working on, and what can be expected of him as a fan.

Kalyan has become successful in not just earning the love of his fans but also in gaining a lot of followers in the journey.

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