Kevin Samuels Death Hoax Explained: Is He Dead? Everything To Know

Currently, a death hoax about Kevin Samuels is viral on the Internet. How true are the rumors? Let us find out. 

Kevin Samuels is a popular YouTuber, Consultant, Social influencer, and Dating Expert. In addition, his motivational speeches are quite renowned amongst his viewers.

He currently has a YouTube channel with over 1.42 million subscribers.

Kevin Samuels’s Death Hoax Explained

Recently, an unknown source claimed that Kevin Samuel is dead. However, the news has been proven a total hoax as Kevin is alive.

The source states that Kevin suffered a severe cardiac arrest and later had to be taken to a hospital. The fake news also claimed that Kevin took his last breath in ATL Hospital.

Currently, the news has gained global attention and a family member Kevin has reached out to the audience confirming that he is alive and that the rumors are totally fake.

Several Internet users have paid their tribute as well.

Is Kevin Samuels Dead? Cause of Death Revealed

Kevin Samuels is alive and is completely healthy. The rumors of Kevin dying due to a severe cardiac arrest have been proven to be fake.

The original source from where the rumor began is still a mystery.

Currently, thousands of Internet users have reacted to the news making it a global topic of discussion. Moreover, the news has been most spread on Twitter.

Kevin hasn’t yet officially reacted to the hoax. You can follow him on his Twitter account to know his reaction.

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