Kim K and North West Let Their Foot Loose to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”-This is Shocking!

Everyone is aware of the bitter past shared by Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift. The celebrities really did not get along on good terms given the fact that Kanye publicly humiliated Taylor. 

But what is shocking here is that Kim and her daughter North West’s presence on Tiktok has been globally recognized. And, the song that to chose in one of their songs is one sung by Taylor Swift.

Feud Between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian

It would be wrong to even think that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were right in doing what they did in the past to Taylor Swift. To recall the feud between the singer and the ex-couple, we have to go back to when Swift was only 19 and received an award when Kanye humiliated her on stage.

Kanye left everyone in shock including celebrities and literally just anyone who was watching the award show. Later on, he went on to mortify Taylor in his song “Famous” again. The rapper claims that he had all the permission that he wanted to have the young singer in his video. However, Taylor denies his claims. Moreover, the music video showed a nude figurine of the American singer which makes the situation all the worse.

Later, Kim even referred to Taylor as a snake.

Kim and North’s Tiktok

Kim and North have a Tiktok account that they use jointly. They post a lot of funny and wholesome videos on the account. However, on January 5th the duo shocked the whole world by letting their footloose to Taylor Swift’s song.


♬ Originalton – <3

Despite the bitter past that they shared, many people assume that Kim may want to move on from the feud. Also, given the fact that she has parted ways with her ex-husband Kanye, this may actually be the start of her new life with her kids. Needless to say, the mother and daughter seemed very happy while dancing to “Shake It Off”.

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