Kulman Ghising To Get Appointed As Executive Director Of NEA

The former managing director, Kulman Ghising has been confirmed to get reappointed as an executive director of NEA. Find everything on his career in brief.

He previously served as a managing director from 2016-2020. In addition, he is known nationwide for solving the load-shedding issue of Nepal and making the department corruption-free.

Kulman Ghising Executive Director Of NEA

The current PM of Nepal, Sher Bahadur Deuba has directed the Energy Minister, Pampha Bhusal to appoint Kulman Ghising as executive director.

The public of Nepal has considered Kulman as a national hero. Because of his consistent dedication, Nepal has been load shedding free. Before Kulman was appointed, the Nepalese had to face up to 18 hours of power cuts in a day.

Moreover, load-shedding got limited across the nation during his tenure in 2018. Similarly, he brought NEA in profits which seemed impossible before him.

Kulman Ghising Biography

Kulman Ghising rose to popularity after he managed to successfully restore the balance in electricity production throughout the country.

Furthermore, before he was appointed as the managing director of NEA, he served as project chief of the Rahughat Hydroelectricity Project. Also, he worked as the managing director of the Chilime Hydropower Company.

Kulman was born on November 25, 1970, in  Bethan village of Ramehchap District.

Talking of his educational background, he completed his post-graduation from the renowned Pulchowk-Engineering College.