Lee Kramer Wikipedia Biography | Olivia Newton-John Ex Bf

Lee Kramer Wikipedia: Lee Kramer was a well-known businessman who had a successful career in the film and music industry. His name has resurfaced on the Internet after his ex-girlfriend, Olivia Newton-John passed away.

Kramer was a manager and businessman who handled several music artists including his former ex-Olivia. Similarly, he was also the manager of American vocalist Krishna Das for several years.

On the other hand, Olivia was an Actress, Musician, and Entrepreneur. She passed away on August 8, 2022, due to a long battle with breast cancer. Her supporters have been paying their tribute to her untimely demise.

Lee Kramer Wikipedia Biography

There isn’t a dedicated Wikipedia Biography of Lee Kramer but here is everything you need to know about him.

To add, he appears to have an IMDB profile which reveals that he was a producer of several documentaries and TV Specials.

Kramer ran shoe shops, cafes, and several other jobs before getting a high profile in the film industry. He started gaining recognition after he dated Olivia in 1973.

According to Wikipedia, Kramer met Olivia while she was on a tour. They had an instant connection and later became her manager and boyfriend.

But, their love life wasn’t like a fairy tale. They had a relationship for years before finally breaking up in 1979.

Who Was Lee Kramer’s Wife?

After Lee Kramer broke up with Olivia Newton-John for good in 1979, he moved back to England. He then fell in love with Bridget Woods Kramer, an Internationally renowned Yoga Teacher.

They were married until 2017 when Kramer died due to uncertain reasons. His cause of death is still a mystery as of 2022.

He is currently survived by his wife. We cannot confirm whether they have any children or not. Moving on, Bridget still runs Yoga training, Workshops, and several classes in London, UK.

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