Liam Payne Talks of Zayn Malik and One Direction | Logan Paul Interview

People have been furious with Liam Payne after his recent comments on Zayn Malik and his former band One Direction on Logan Paul Podcast. Here is everything to know.

Liam Payne is a former member of one of the most successful bands, One Direction. But since the band split, he hasn’t been able to do quite good for himself. And in a recent interview, he shares some untold truths about his career and his former band.

Liam Payne On Zayn Malik and One Direction Success

Before we dive into what Liam Payne actually said about Zayn Malik and other members of his former music band. You can watch the full interview with Logan Paul in the below Video. The video has gone viral within hours of its upload.

In the interview, Liam compares his success with other members of One Direction. He states that he has been more successful as a solo artist compared to others. In addition, he also tells that his debut solo song Strip That Down outsold other members’ solo debuts. But, looking at numbers it doesn’t seem correct.

Harry Styles’ debut song has been streamed 886k times, whereas, other members such as Harry Styles and Zayn Malik have crossed 1 billion.

Liam Payne Trash Talks Zayn Malik

Fans of Zayn Malik couldn’t hold it after Liam Payne started to Trash talk Zayn Malik out of nowhere. He straight out told that he disliked Zayn for several reasons. He points out Zayn is a rude guy and also said he has been an aggressive person.

Liam also talks about Zayn and Gigi Hadid in the interview. Logan Paul asked him about Gigi Hadid defending Zayn and Jake Paul’s tweets. He says then “She tweeted something about like get yourself a respectful man or something. That one didn’t age very well.”

Moreover, the interview has sparked debates all over the Internet. Liam’s harsh comments on Zayn’s personal life and One Direction is the only thing people are talking about. And fans of Zayn aren’t quite happy with it.

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