Louisa Binder (Actress) Wikipedia Biography, Boyfriend, Instagram

Louisa Binder Wikipedia: She is a newcomer to the film industry who debut with the drama series Hotel Portofino. Read more.

Louisa Binder is an actress and a model who portrays the role of Constance March in the 2022 Drama series Hotel Portofino. The series stars some other amazing talents such as Natascha McElhone, Oliver Dench, and Assad Zaman.

Actress Louisa Binder Wikipedia Bio

The English Wikipedia has yet to upload a proper Wikipedia Bio of actress Louisa Binder. Well, she already has an IMDB page though.

Louisa officially makes her debut on the big screen in 2022. She plays in six-episode Drama series which explores the lives of several characters living in 1920s Italy.


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You can watch the Series at 8 pm on PBS on June 19. It will be available on some other streaming platforms as well. Moreover, it currently has an IMDB rating of 6.7 out of 10.

Moving on, Louisa is also an artist who does acrylic and other forms of painting. In 2020, she posted a picture where she beautifully drew two bees with acrylic paints.

Louisa Binder Boyfriend or Partner In 2022

The actress Louisa Binder is supposedly single at the moment. She hasn’t revealed much about her current partner or boyfriend in any interviews.

However, as she is a very private person, she could be hiding her love life from the media for now. We will be updating you more on this matter.

Revealing Louisa Binder’s Instagram

You can find Louisa Binder on Instagram under the nametag @louisa_binder. She recently crossed the 1k follower milestone on her Instagram.

As seen on her Insta profile, she enjoys painting, riding horses, traveling, and also doing cosplays.

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