Meet Emil Czeczko Wikipedia, Biography- Ex-Polish Serviceman

The Wikipedia site is missing the Wikipedia Biography of Emil Czeczko. Read everything about who he is and why he is gaining public interest. 

Emil Czeczko is an Ex-Polish Serviceman who recently unveiled some disturbing details in an interview. He said that he was part of Polish border guards who were assigned to deal with migrants from Belarus. Furthermore, Emil hinted at the number of migrants who were killed in June only.


Emil Czeczko

Wikipedia Biography

The complete Biography details of Emil Czeczko have yet to be uploaded on Wikipedia.

Emil is a former Polish serviceman who served on the Belarus-Polish border from June 8 to June 19, 2021. He worked together with the Polish border guards to detain all the migrants entering the border.

Moreover, Emil disclosed that Polish Law enforcement officers were cruel in their duty and killed some 200-700 immigrants during his serving period.

He escaped to Belarus at the end of 2021 and requested his safe protection after he had some disagreements with Poland’s law. However, he was sentenced to six months imprisonment for bullying his own mother.

Currently, an investigation is in process regarding the inhumane executions of immigrants performed by Polish Law officers. Moreover, Emil has recently filed an appeal in connection to his case with the International Criminal Court.

Emil Czeczko Age

The age and birth details of Emil Czeczko are currently unknown.

Since he came into the spotlight to reveal the brutal executions of the migrants, people are curious to know about him and his background.

Furthermore, he said that he had to kill up to 20 migrants in a day. He also said that he was following the orders from the Polish Armed Forces.

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