Meet Ricky Martin Nephew Dennis Yadiel Sanchez on Instagram

As per recent updates, the identity of Ricky Martin’s nephew with whom he had an alleged sexual relationship is revealed to be Dennis Yadiel Sanchez. Here is everything to know about it.

Ricky Martin, also known as Enrique Martín Morales is a Puerto Rican singer-songwriter and also a film actor. He is popular for releasing some of his music albums such as Sound Loaded, Vuelve, MTV Unplugged, and more.

Similarly, he has appeared as an actor in Mr. and Mrs. American Pie, American Crime Story, and General Hospital. 

Ricky Martin and His Nephew Dennis Yadiel Sanchez

About two weeks ago, Ricky Martin was issued a restraining order for alleged sexual abuse against his Nephew Dennis Yadiel Sanchez. At that time, the identity of his nephew was kept secret under Law 54 which is a Puerto Rico Domestic Abuse Prevention and Intervention Act.

But, Ricky’s brother Eric Martin recently confirmed the identity of their 21-year-old victim nephew.

Moving on, Yadiel is the son of pop star and Ricky’s half-sister, Vanessa.

Ricky’s attorney on Friday released a statement where he denies all the claims made against his client. Similarly, the music artist also came forward to confirm that he hasn’t been in any sexual relationship with his nephew.

If the allegations made by his nephew come true, he could face up to 50 years in prison under Puerto Rican Law.

The news has been trending over the Internet for quite some time and people are not enjoying what they are seeing. They are calling him out on Twitter and asking for a proper justification against the disgusting allegations.

Is Dennis Yadiel Sanchez Active On Instagram?

The social media accounts including the Instagram of Dennis Yadiel Sanchez aren’t available at the moment.

On the other hand, you can follow Ricky Martin on his Instagram under @ricky_martin. He has over 17.1 million followers.

Is Ricky Martin Married to His Wife?

The singer Ricky Martin has been married to his hubby and husband Jwan Yosef since 2017. In addition, The pair are parents to 4 children, Lucia Martin-Yosef, Matteo Martin, Valentino Martin, and Renn Martin-Yosef.

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