Michelle Lodzinski Wikipedia- Mother Who Killed Her 5 Year Old Son

Michelle Lodzinski Wikipedia: Michelle has been officially caught for killing her 5 years old son. Here is everything you need to know about the horrifying case. 

Michelle is guilty and charged with the murder of her son Timothy Wiltsey. As per the reports, she killed her son in 1991 when he was just 5 years old. This sounds so much more disturbing than any normal horror movie.

Moreover, she was officially convicted of her crime in 2016.

Find Michelle Lodzinski On Wikipedia

There is a dedicated Wikipedia page on Michelle Lodzinski’s crime and the death of Timothy Wiltsey.

At present, the case of Michelle has resurfaced on the Internet and has been creating a fuss. Furthermore, NBC has taken a keen interest in her murder case and has decided to adapt the story into a documentary show. Moreover, the show name has been disclosed to be Dateline. 


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Michelle gave birth to her late son Timothy at the age of Sixteen. She and her partner, George Wiltsey were raising him as a parent.

But, soon later George started becoming abusive to her and their child. He even stopped paying any child support. So, Michelle began working any jobs she could get to look after her son.

The news of her killing her firstborn son is still hard to believe as she was known as a loving and caring mother.

Where Is Michelle Lodzinski Today?

Michelle Lodzinski served around six years in prison for the murder of her son, Timothy Wiltsey. She was officially released from prison in December 2021. But, she has maintained a low-key life so her current whereabouts are a total mystery to all.

Furthermore, the supreme court released her after the case lacked proper evidence to convict her as a murderer. The in-depth details of the case are available on Wikipedia.

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