Mila Kunis is Mistaken for Megan Fox-Her reaction is Hilarious!

Mila Kunis is one of the wittiest celebrities in Hollywood. But, she holds a resemblance with a lot of actresses and always gets mistaken for someone else!

Mila was just returning after filming with Jimmy Kimmel for his show Jimmy Kimmel Live. However, she was stopped by a fan on her way to make her sign an autograph. It is hilarious how the actress did not even get recognized here! The fan legit thought she was Megan Fox.

Jennifer Body’s actress is gorgeous but then again, who are we kidding? Mila Kunis, herself is Hollywood’s most gorgeous celebrity. And, she lives up to the expectations of her fans with every project she has been working on for many years. But then again, this is also not the first time that she was mistaken for someone else!

Mila Kunis’ Reaction to Being Mistaken as Megan Fox

When this happened, the actress was a bit overwhelmed. But she kept her calm as she always does and responded to the overexcited fan with, “I love her! That’s Megan Fox. She’s fantastic, and the fact that you thought I was her — but I love that you thought that I was her.”


She sure is a very positive person. We say this because there have been many such incidents where celebrities have flipped and gotten angry over the fact that they are not being recognized. And we bet Megan Fox would be amused by how things took a turn outside the Jimmy Kimmel show location.

Mila Kunis and Sarah Hyland

Kunis has often been mistaken for Modern Family Sarah Hyland as well. Sarah said in an episode of Kelly Clarkson’s show that this happens so often that she would not even be surprised if it happens again.

The best part, which still remains in the comparison, is that both the actresses are very positive about the comparison and know how to appreciate the other.

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