Mind Over Murder Cast Cara D’Adamo Wikipedia, Boyfriend, Instagram

Cara D’Adamo Wikipedia: The artist plays in the Crime Mystery Documentary Mind Over Murder that premieres on June 20, 2022, on HBO. 

Cara D’Adamo is a talented stage, film, and television actress who is currently based in New York. She currently pursues a career as an actress full-time. In the meantime, she does modeling and singing as well.

Let us learn more about her.

Mind Over Murder: Cara D’Adamo Wikipedia

Cara D’Adamo is a promising actress who hasn’t got a proper Wikipedia biography yet. As per her IMDB profile, she has been in over 22 movies and TV shows so far.

Some of her biggest roles were in the TV Series In Pursuit with John Walsh, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and True Crime with Aphrodite Jones. In addition, she will be featured in HBO’s upcoming documentary show Mind Over Murder.


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The series goes unraveling the mysteries connected to the rape and murder of 68-year-old Helen Wilson in 1985. Moreover, the series also puts out the bizarre stories of all six convicted individuals.

Cara officially made her debut on the silver screen in 2011 with the role of Detective Watson in The World’s stonishing News!. In addition, She often prefers to do the role of a detective or an investigator solving crimes. And, she does a really good job at it as well.

Revealing Cara D’Adamo Husband or Boyfriend

Cara D’Adamo is currently single, as per sources. She hasn’t revealed any plans for her love life either.

Similarly, there isn’t any information on the actress’s family members.

Follow D’Adamo on Instagram

Cara D’Adamo is regularly active on her Instagram account which is available under the nametag @caradadamo. Furthermore, she also has Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.


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She is also the founder of Faith Over Fear Productions which primarily focuses on top-class photography. It also provides classes and mentorship programs.

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