Moechella DC Shooting 2022- Teen Dies with 3 other Shot including Cop

Multiple people including a cop were hit during the 2022 Shooting near the Moechella Music Festival in D.C. Read everything here. 

Another tragic incident occurred in Washington, D.C. killing a 15-years old Teen, reports say. The news has made headlines and has taken over the Internet by a surprise.

Know Moechella DC Shooting in 2022

On Sunday night, 19th June 2022 a shooting took place near the Moechella Music Festival at 14th and U streets Northwest. The officials have confirmed that four people were shot including a cop.

A 15-year-old boy is confirmed dead after the shooting and the cop is currently hospitalized.  Similarly, the two other adults are also currently in near-hospital.

There haven’t been any suspects reported and the firearm used in the shooting is still unknown.

Moechella Shooting Total Casualties

D.C. Police Union reported that 4 people, a teen and three adults were shot in a shooting at the Moechella event. The teen who was 15 years old has passed away, as per sources. And the other three adults are currently in a recovery state.

MPD Chief Robert Contee said that a fight was broken in the music festival just moments before the shooting. The shooting occurred between 6:30 and 8:30 as MPD confirmed.

Sadly, there haven’t been any leads in the case. In addition, the firearm released hasn’t been recovered as well.

More details on the incident are currently under investigation. The name and the whereabouts of the teen haven’t been revealed yet.

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