Namrata Rai Bio, Journey in The Voice of Nepal and Social Media

Namrata Rai is a contestant from The Voice of Nepal. If you love the show, you will also love Namrata’s performance in the show. She is more than phenomenal.

She does not limit herself to small opportunities and always had a habit of exploring. This is one of the reasons why Rai has a lot of fans all around Nepal. Likewise, there are many from outside the country who also love Namrata and her performances.

You can find many of her original songs on Youtube as well. This woman has it all when it comes to becoming the top singer in the upcoming future of the Nepalese music industry.

Namrata Rai Bio

Namrata Rai has not yet revealed a lot about her birthday and other personal details to the tabloids and her fans yet. She had always been very passionate about singing since a very young age.

This makes her even more authentic considering that she did not just take on the opportunity for the sake of it but because she loved singing and it is her passion. Besides, Namrata also has released many singles and collaborated songs with a  few musicians to this date.

Though we don’t know a lot about Rai’s family because she has been very low-key about her family, it is another thing that her family is definitely proud of her achievements and talents.

Namrata Rai The Journey in The Voice of Nepal

Namrata has had an amazing journey in the show. Though her auditions were perfect, her recent battle with Sabina Younghang was a little off. Fans were quite concerned about the singer as she did not meet the expectations of the fans and the team leaders in this particular performance.

Whatsoever, the love and support for the singer still remain the same in the hearts of everyone. And, she is one performer that you should keep your eyes focused on even for the future.

She is sure to release more melodious songs whether it is solo or collaboration.

Namrata Rai Social Media

You can find out about Namrata Rai on her Instagram. She is not very active on Facebook. Likewise, if you want to hear more from her, you can tune into her songs on Spotify. She has a list of songs and performances to offer even on Youtube. You are more than likely to love her playlist on Spotify.

Some of her best performances from the show will make your heart happy. Likewise, her Instagram will help you get a deeper insight into the singer’s life and upcoming events from her.

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